Book review of 100 Common Questions: A Guide to Understanding Classical Christian Education by Dr. Timothy Dernlan.

I recently came across this work as I often search for more books to add to my library on this important topic. 

As I reflect on the ever-changing and constant upheaval of American society, I am becoming more convinced that education will become one of the critical lines where the traditions of our society are upheld or thrown into the dustbin of history.

With that in mind, Dr. Dernlan’s focus on a question-and-answer format to Classical and Christian education is a wonderful way for those new to this format to whet their philosophical appetite.

The ease-of-use Dr. Dernlan utilizes makes this an easy-read and introduction.  With topics that range from history and philosophy to parenting and the breakdown of the aspects of Classical and Christian education, this is a must read for all parents and educators who wish to understand more of what the ancients had to say and how we can – and should – implement it in schools again.

I have used this book as a resource for our beginning Classical Christian Education for Adults and Parents seminars here at Oakdale Academy and it provides not only for great discussion, but a foundation and solidification of what we do in this educational philosophy and work.

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