Our Mission

During my short time here, I have often wondered about all the things that make up Oakdale Academy – students, faculty, staff, parents, families, programs, athletics, House events, and so many more.  How do does it all work and fit together?

They fit together in our Mission here -  “to instill Character, Truth, and Wisdom in our students in order to prepare them for a life of service to God, family, community, and country through classical Christian education.”

Here at Oakdale, we strive to serve our students in order to prepare them for that life of service God calls each of us to individually.  I am reminded of a quote I have in my office from Andrew Kern, leader of the Circe Institute, which says “Children are souls to be nurtured, not products to be measured.”

I couldn’t agree more with his assertion.  We are here to serve our students and to ensure they are not a cog in the wheels of this ever-darkening world that moves daily further away from the Truth.  Here we understand our world as the way in which our Lord revealed Himself to humanity and how He is intricately involved in the world – in our world – and in each of our lives.  1 Corinthians 12:27 reminds us that “you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.”

We strive to give our students the tools they need to fight the battle of our world – to actively defend their faith in a world that is so against it.  As we move further and further away from Jesus’ desires for our world, how important it is that a place such as Oakdale Academy stands out as a beacon shining the light of Truth.

Students are the souls we nurture so they can fulfill their mission from the Lord.  We do that through our academics, athletics, chapel presentations, recitations, and the myriad of conversations at lunches, hallways, and at the front door daily. 

Do we measure our students?  Yes, individually, we challenge them with reading, French, logic, Latin, math, science, history, rhetoric, apologetics, music, and art.  The difference at Oakdale is that the measure is not the end, but the beginning because they are not measured solely to be measured here.  The measure is to inspire and challenge a student to their highest potential for service to God, family, community, and country.

The world is getting darker, but Oakdale students know they serve a great God and they are learning and are nurtured for a life of sacrifice and service because together…

We Are Classical | We Are Christian | We Are Oakdale


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