Why We Will Not Change

Why We Will Not Change
Posted by Dr. Stanton on April 12, 2019

It seems the winds of progressivism are trying their hardest to alter the course of education, but at Oakdale Academy, we will not change.

We stand for the Truth of Jesus Christ and in His purpose for each of us. We believe in an objective sense of morality, beauty, and Truth. Our beliefs, rooted in Scripture, are a firm foundation from which we seek knowledge for the purpose of serving the Lord.

In modern educational parlance, students are the masters of their own learning and teachers facilitate ‘critical thinking’ development.

Not so here. Our teachers are the masters in their subject, imparting their knowledge and then truly challenging our students to engage with the material. Seminars, memorization, and the Socratic method dominate our classrooms--not group think.

In modern education, the focus is on the ‘whole person’ and that adolescence is a time of discovery and introspection.

Not so here. We focus on the individual student and how they were fearfully and wonderfully made in the very image of God and that He has a plan for each of them to serve Him faithfully with the talents He gave them.

In modern education, traditional thought and values are nonsensical, outdated, and oppressive.

Not so here. We celebrate God’s revelation to us in the Bible and through the great thinkers of history. We wrestle with philosophy from a truly logical standpoint--not based on the political and emotional whims of the day.

In modern education, students are shipped about in a factory system designed for everyone to give only what is expected of them.

Not so here. Our students proceed through a course of study that unleashes them from foundational principles to the defense of their faith and beliefs. They study logic, rhetoric, literature, apologetics, French, Latin, science, mathematics, and history with a focus on the unfolding plan of God in our world and in their lives.

A recent Barna study suggested parents most wish for Christian schools to instill strong principles and values. At Oakdale Academy, we exist for the sole purpose of instilling Character, Truth, and Wisdom in students with the aim that they will serve God, family, community, and country. That is the whole reason we exist. We are not looking to only perform college-prep work or to have fun and show great academic scores. We exist because we believe God called us to our Mission.

As the world continues to shift with the changing winds, know that here at Oakdale Academy, we stand as a rock--built on a firm foundation that has and will continue to last.

At Oakdale, all of our students hear from their teachers and our guest speakers to reinforce the beliefs of home--beliefs that begin with the saving grace of Jesus Christ. These beliefs and moral values are the standards we celebrate that have shaped Western civilization for the past three thousand years. They are the Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman heritage.

Why do we do this? Because the stakes are high; our very culture is at issue. We do it for our students so they may stand strongly in the void. We do this together for our future and that of our children, because together


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