Why Oakdale

The education of your child is an incredible journey. At Oakdale Academy, we are committed to being your partner in preparing your children to live out their lives as disciples of Christ and teaching them how to walk the path with courage, integrity, and wisdom.

As an independent, private Junior Kindergarten-12 classical and Christian school, we offer an extraordinary educational experience based on the proven Hillsdale Academy model. In 2011, eight families trusted their extraordinary God to guide them in starting an educational institution with absolutely no government funding or adherence to Common Core, with the goal of producing graduates that are intelligent, articulate, well-read, and exhibit great character.

We strive daily to create an environment that fosters academic excellence, leadership development and training for high moral character based on Biblical principles. Our mission is to instill character, truth, and wisdom in our students so that when they leave us at graduation, they are truly prepared for a life of service to God, country, community and family. Benefits include:

  • From Junior Kindergarten through grade 12, our students learn the value of working together as members of the body of Christ in a respectful and supportive learning environment.
  • Our experienced and passionate teachers and staff help them learn how to think for themselves, defend their values and take personal accountability for their education and actions.
  • In addition to a mentoring relationship with teachers, we create a culture that includes structured mentoring opportunities among the students at varying grade levels that encourages a servant spirit.
  • Our instructional approach focuses on content-rich materials with an emphasis on the Great Books of Western Civilization in literature, a hands-on approach in science and an advanced track in mathematics.
  • We guide students in the development of their character and academic potential through carefully designed, content-rich educational programs and extracurricular activities

Want More Information?

For a firsthand experience of our classical and Christian model in action:

Please call us at 248.481.9039 or contact us online with questions. May God bless you in your discovery of classical Christian education at Oakdale Academy. We look forward to getting to know your family.