Homeschool Partnership

Oakdale Academy invites homeschool students grades 7-12 and their parents to partner with us! Oakdale offers classes that can be difficult to teach effectively in a homeschool setting.  Homeschool students are integrated with full-time students in the classroom, and receive instruction from our highly qualified teachers, all in a Christ-centered environment.  It’s the best of both worlds! Middle school and high school students get to enjoy a positive school experience, and homeschool parents don’t have to worry if their child is getting solid academic instruction in challenging subject areas.

Our homeschool partnership includes the following classes*:

  • Math 
    • Saxon Math 8/7
    • Algebra 1
    • Geometry
    • Algebra 2
    • Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus
    • Calculus
  • Science (including lab experience)
    • Life Science (7)
    • Earth Science (8)
    • Introduction to Physical Sciences (9)
    • Biology (10)
    • Chemistry (11)
    • Physics (12)
  • Latin (4 years)
  • Rhetoric & Composition (including Logic & Apologetics)
    • Foundations of Language (7)
    • Logic (8)
    • Rhetoric 1 (9)
    • Rhetoric 2 (10)
    • Apologetics (11)
    • Senior Capstone (12)


Fine Arts Enrichment may be added 2 days a week, and homeschool students may elect various music classes (vocal or instrument ensembles), and art.**

Not only will your homeschool student experience a healthy Upper School student culture and excellent, supportive academic instruction, but also opportunities for:

  • Participation in athletics
  • Organized, chaperoned Upper School trips (including Jr/Sr “American Heritage Tour”)***
  • Social events – Homecoming dance, Convivium, House activities
  • PSAT testing
  • Student Statesmanship Institute (every other year)
  • Mock trial
  • College counseling
  • Official transcripts for classes taken at OA

* Students may choose fewer than 4 classes at pro-rated tuition pricing.

** There is an additional tuition cost for Fine Arts Enrichment.

*** Participation in trips is not included in the cost of tuition.

Homeschool Partnership students may apply for financial aid if taking 4 classes.

Want More Information?

For a firsthand experience of our classical and Christian model in action:

Please call us at 248.481.9039 or contact us online with questions. May God bless you in your discovery of classical Christian education at Oakdale Academy. We look forward to getting to know your family.