Why Latin

For centuries, teaching Latin was an integral part of any good academic training. It was considered necessary to a fundamental understanding of English, other Latin-based languages, and the history and writings of Western Civilization.

Oakdale Academy teaches Latin beginning in seventh grade for three reasons:

  • Latin is alive. Latin is not a “dead language,” but rather a language that is still in use in some religious contexts and lives on in almost all languages around the world, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian.
  • Latin is rigorous. Learning Latin requires abstract thinking and hard work. The structured nature of Latin helps to promote organized, logical thinking in the brain and strengthens critical thinking skills, memorization skills, and categorical thinking skills. In this way, studying Latin also makes it easier to study mathematics, science, law, literature, and virtually any other discipline.
  • Latin is useful. Because Latin is such a highly-structured language with relatively few grammatical exceptions, knowing Latin makes learning the structure of other languages much easier. Students who have studied Latin have been shown to have higher than average test scores, particularly standardized test scores. Many students from Oakdale Academy have the test scores to prove it.

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