What are the school day hours?

The school day starts promptly at 8:00 a.m. with Opening Ceremony and dismisses at 3:15 p.m. Chapel takes place every Wednesday immediately following Opening Ceremony. Parents are welcome to stay for Opening Ceremony daily and for chapel on Wednesdays. Half-day dismissal is at 11:30 a.m. Aftercare is available for a fee.

Is Oakdale Academy a Christian school?

Yes. All staff and families must read, agree with and sign the Statement of Faith along with the Mission Statement. We have chapel once a week, which all students are required to attend. We do not, however, have specific classes focused on biblical instruction. We believe that it is the role of the family and the church to be the source of spiritual instruction for children, and it is the role of the school to support the instruction of the church and family, not to supplant it. The focus of Oakdale Academy is to provide students with an outstanding liberal arts education that is culturally rich in traditional American values in a Christian environment, surrounded by Christian teachers and staff, without preference for one denominational set of beliefs over another. As such, our faculty, staff, and student body represent many different Christian denominations. We encourage healthy and respectful conversations regarding the different traditions, with the understanding that we are unified as believers in Christ and within that unity we are focused on excellence in education.

Is there a tuition discount for multiple children?

Yes. A 5% discount is given for multiple children. The oldest child is considered the first child enrolled.

Is Oakdale Academy accredited?

No. The rigor of our curriculum exceeds state standards for graduation. True to the Hillsdale Academy model, there is no intention to pursue accreditation in the future. Oakdale Academy is a member of the Association of Classical & Christian Schools, as well as the Society for Classical Learning.

Will my student be able to get into college without accreditation?

Yes. Colleges and universities are chiefly interested in standardized test scores (ACT/SAT) and the difficulty of the curriculum. 100% of Oakdale Academy graduates have been accepted to large universities and small private colleges. 

If Oakdale Academy is not accredited, how do you know if the students are learning?

Students are assessed yearly with national standardized tests. Students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. Students in the Ninth Grade on up take the PSAT, SAT, and ACT when appropriate. Oakdale Academy’s average ACT score is 29.5, while the average score for the state of Michigan is 20.1.

What qualifications do your teachers have?

Oakdale Academy teachers must hold a minimum of an earned bachelor’s degree, they must be knowledgeable about their subject area(s), they must be able to communicate effectively to students, and they must be committed to the Mission Statement and Statement of Faith. Candidates are carefully screened and must have an understanding of classical Christian education.

Does Oakdale Academy offer foreign language classes?

Yes. French is taught in the Lower School, and Latin is taught in the Upper School.

Does Oakdale follow the Common Core State Standards?

No. Oakdale Academy does not intend to align to the Common Core State Standards, as our standards meet or exceed the prescribed standards. Furthermore, the political and philosophical controversy surrounding Common Core State Standards are of serious concern to Oakdale Academy administration.

Are students required to wear uniforms?

Yes, students wear school uniforms to promote a sense of unity, belonging, pride and responsibility. Wednesdays and certain other special occasions call for students to wear a “formal” uniform. Casual days are allowed at the discretion of the administration.

Does Oakdale Academy offer sports?

Athletics play an important role at Oakdale Academy. For boys, our athletics department offers soccer, basketball, wrestling and golf. Girls have opportunities for volleyball, basketball and soccer. Character development is a key element of our sports program.

What are the class sizes?

In the Lower School, class size is limited to 10 to 12 students per grade. The Upper School classes are limited to 20 to 24 per grade. This is, again, part of the Hillsdale Academy model, where the low student-to-teacher ratio helps to ensure the best opportunity for success in the classroom.  On average our student to instructor ratio is 9:1.

Does Oakdale Academy offer Fine Arts classes?

Yes, music and art are offered at Oakdale Academy. All students Jr. K through 5th grade have music class twice a week with vocal instruction. Sixth grade students may choose beginning band, strings or vocal. Strings, concert band and choir ensemble are available as electives for Upper School students. Art is offered once weekly for Lower School students, and twice weekly as an elective for Upper School students.

Is there after-school care?

For a small fee, your child can stay after school until 5pm, to be supervised by a qualified staff member. This service is provided primarily for working parents who have difficulty picking up their children at the end of a regular school day. Aftercare is not provided on snow days, half-days, or holidays.

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