Dion Roddy

Start Date on Board: January 2019

Why Do I Believe in CCE: The classical method of education is one of the building blocks of western civilization.  It was the system that was instrumental in forming the great minds of the ancient world.  That heritage was inherited and baptized by the Church and carried forward through the middle ages.  The writers of the New Testament and the Church Fathers were all classically educated.  The classical model seeks to find unity and coherence in the world, culminating in Christ, by whom all things were made.  Other progressive models of education are rooted in a modern, secular worldview that is incomplete and ultimately has veered from the primary goal of education which is to inculcate the student with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the world we live in, our fellow human beings, and our God.  

Family: Husband to Denise for over 20 years and father to Ava, an upper school student.  Attends St. Mark Orthodox Christian Church in Rochester Hills. 

Professional: Graduated from Wayne State Law School in 2013 with honors.  Solo practitioner in family formation law (adoption and assisted reproduction technology).  Former award winning professional musician and vocalist.  Enjoys reading, travelling, and coffee.  

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