Gregory Surmont

Board Member since: 2019

My family entered Oakdale Academy with little clear understanding of what classical education really meant.  Rather, we were led by an impression the environment was conducive to our sense of 'proper' education, which is to say, an untainted approach to delivering truthful instruction and personal attention by a dedicated group of Christian teachers.  In time, we recognized that the underpinnings of what we were experiencing were rooted in something much more important and valuable; that the inextricable linkages between the disciplines were, in fact, truly a masterfully woven tapestry of a single truth:  our human experience is singularly the work of sovereign God.  He has blessed us beyond any measure to have the capacity to begin to understand His greatness, love, and beauty that abounds around us, and to share these things through the arts, literature, logic, rhetoric, and by defining what we observe in the natural world through mathematical and chemical expressions.  His gift of intellect and comprehension has enabled our forebearers to develop systems of governance and traditions that are decent, just, and fair, and that exist to serve His will, and not our own secular intentions and tendencies.  In this regard, we as a society have allowed public schools to run amok.  For decades, so many parents have left the raising of children largely to an institution that does not share or instill a Christian worldview; a progessive influence that is tantamount to evil in so many ways.  The consequences of public versus classical Christian education are profound, for our children individually and indeed, for society en masse.  The situation is dire.  Speak to a student of classical Christian education, and see quickly that they are more thoughtful, articulate, self-aware, and prepared to lead a life aligned with God's purpose for them.

The Surmont family includes Greg's lovely bride of 22 years, Kathleen, and sons Evan and Wyatt.  Evan is a 2021 graduate of Oakdale Academy, and will be attending Kettering University.  Wyatt is entering his 2021-22 senior year at Oakdale Academy.

Greg has practiced in areas of insurance, risk management, business systems, and M&A for nearly 35 years.  He has helped build successful enterprises employing industry experts serving the needs of large organizations across the country, and internationally.  The last 15 years have been spent with global risk management firm, Marsh & McLennan.  His academic background includes degrees and certifications in business, economics, and underwriting, with licensing in areas of insurance.  He really just wanted to be a farmer...or an architect.

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