Julie Johnson

Start Date on Board: December 2015  

Why do you believe in CCE?  I graduated from Hillsdale College and felt blessed to have received such an amazing classical liberal arts education.  I found OA due to its affiliation with Hillsdale and out of admiration for the school’s pillars of character, truth and wisdom.  I support classical Christian education because it is rooted in truth, goodness and inspires students to look for beauty in the world around them.  OA is a beacon of light in today’s world of progressive education that is ever -shifting away from American patriotism and a Christian world view.  I am continually amazed by how the wonderful teachers at OA weave God’s word and teachings into every subject!  

Family:  I have been married to my husband Bill since 2003.  We adopted our daughter Lucy from China in 2008.  Lucy has been going to Oakdale since kindergarten.  

Professional: My career started in advertising. I transitioned to working at my husband’s law firm in 2003 shortly after it was formed.  I am currently the director of marketing, finance and human resources.  Current or Previous board positions:  Lighthouse Emergency Services, Families with Children from China, Junior League of Birmingham & Lake Angelus Yacht Club.  

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