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Our students are blessed by the incredible teachers who serve at Oakdale Academy. These Christian men and women are deeply committed to our Mission, are experts in their fields of study, and are passionate about nurturing students spiritually, academically, and socially.

Together, our staff has nearly 270 combined years teaching students, with an average of 15 years teaching. We are honored that families have entrusted the Oakdale Academy staff with the solemn task of imparting knowledge, inspiring critical thinking, and helping to develop godly character in their children.

Our staff seeks to prepare students to become men and women who value truth and wisdom, and are equipped to live out their lives as responsible citizens, honoring Almighty God in all they do.


Eric Robyn, COL (USA, Ret)
Transitional Head of School
Mrs. Rachel Greb
Dean of Academic Affairs
Mr. Neil Greb
Athletic Director
Mrs. Heather Montagano
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Adrienne Uitti
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Carol Boyer
Mrs. Andi Walsh
Director of Special Events
Mr. James Jackson
Custodial Engineer


Miss Katherine Bradford, B.A. Hillsdale College
Sixth Grade, Upper School House Governor
Miss Paula Briski, B.A. Liberty University, M.A. Hillsdale College
Mrs. Valerie Bredow, B.A. Hillsdale College
Mrs. Michele Byrd, B.A. Hillsdale College, J.D. Wayne State University
Mrs. Kimberley Clapham, B.S. University of Michigan, B.S., Oakland University, M.B.A. Oakland University
Fourth Grade
Mrs. Pat DiAntonio, B.S. Ashland University
Lower School Math and Language Arts
Mrs. Jill Fox, B.A. Cedarville University, M.A. Oakland University
Upper School Math, Lower School PE
Mr. Neil Greb, B.S. Hillsdale College, M.S. Oakland University
Upper School Math, Science, & PE
Mrs. Rachel Greb, B.A. Hillsdale College
Upper School Literature
Mrs. Juanita Kozak, B.S. Grace College, M.A. Wayne State University
Upper and Lower School Vocal Instruction
Mrs. Kris Krajewski, M.S., CCC-SLP/L
Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist
Mrs. Kristin Lashar, B.S. San Diego Christian College
Fifth Grade
Mrs. Amy Loeffler, B.A. Western Michigan University
Third Grade
Mrs. Nancy Mason, B.A. Madonna University
Junior Kindergarten
Mr. Kaleb Molina, B.S. Hillsdale College
Upper School Math and Science
Mrs. Melinda Nabring, B.A. Cedarville University
Lower School Dept Head; First & Second Grade
Mr. Mitchell Nees, B.A. Hillsdale College, M.A. University of Illinois
Upper School Latin and History
Mr. Michael Rozek, B.A. Western Michigan University, M.A. Eastern Michigan University
Upper School Dept Head; Latin, Logic, History
Mrs. Vicki Schrauger, B.A. Cornerstone University
Lower School Music & Strings
Mr. Nathan Smith, B.A. Grand Valley State University, M.F.A. California Institute of the Arts
Upper School Band
Miss Katherine Sinkovitz, B.A. Hillsdale College
College Counselor; Upper School Literature, Math, & Study Skills
Mrs. Susan Wilkie, B.A. Cedarville University
Mr. Luke Zahari, B.S. Hillsdale College
Upper School Math, Science, & Latin

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