At Oakdale Academy, we believe students are created in the image of God. Our unique positive culture is fostered by this belief. Throughout each school day we empower students to help create a positive school climate by fostering a unique culture that encourages respect and ensures everyone feels included. We also continue this spirit of fostering diverse friendships through regular activities that take place outside of school.  Please contact us to learn more about our unique educational environment.

  • Student Life
  • Family Life

During school, Oakdale Academy activities include:

  • Opening Ceremony – Students gather each morning to recite the pledge of allegiance, sing the national anthem, participate in an opening prayer and listen to recitations from students of all grades
  • Chapel – Students participate every Wednesday.
  • Lunch – Each month students rotate lunch assignments to sit with different students of all ages and a faculty member to enable mentoring and promote inclusion across all grade levels.
  • Honor Code

Oakdale truly feels like an extended family for most. There is a united purpose of instilling our foundational pillars inside and outside of the classroom. To further this sense of family, many events are held throughout the year to encourage family friendship and interaction, such as:

  • Fall kick-off
  • Veteran’s Day/Grandparents Day (Lower School)
  • Christ & Culture lecture series
  • Coffee with the Classics, an invitation for parents and friends of Oakdale to engage with classical literature
  • Families are always welcome and encouraged to join the student body for opening ceremony or weekly chapel
  • Families gather twice a year to celebrate our students musical achievements during our Christmas and Spring concerts held off-campus
  • Service projects to give back to our neighborhood and community, such as the Fall Serve neighborhood beautification service project followed by an all-school Chili Cook-off and potluck dinner
  • Liberty Walk-a-thon

Contact us
  • 3200 Beacham Drive, Waterford, MI 48329

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