The Lower School Curriculum is focused on building foundations and laying the groundwork of skills and knowledge necessary for learning and higher-ordered thinking as the child grows. Please contact us to learn more about our unique and proven approach to education.

  • Students begin with the basic skills of phonics and learning to read, write, recognize patterns, add and subtract, and progress through knowledge of grammar, important historical dates and figures particularly related to the United States, and the basics of the scientific method through hands-on experimentation.
  • In language arts, students are taught to write in cursive and literature is read for its deeper meaning, searching for the different parts of each story and how all phases of the struggle lead up to the hero overcoming obstacles in a way that embodies the theme. The Lower School Curriculum includes A Beka Language Arts, A Beka History, Saxon Math, History of US, and many other quality titles.
  • Character formation is a key component in the Lower School. This includes focus on classroom etiquette and manners and developing self-control.
  • Student activities enable them to share their enthusiasm for subjects and become more self-assured in public situations, including:
    • Bi-annual recitations in front of the student and staff body. Students memorize and recite Bible verses and poetry during opening ceremony starting in kindergarten all the way through graduation.
    • Public Speaking. Beginning in kindergarten, students in the Lower School research and create presentations to encourage them to speak publicly, present their ideas with confidence and answer questions. This continues through senior year as students endeavor on a year-long research project on a topic of their choice that includes writing a research paper and defending their findings to a panel of faculty members.
    • Students study and learn to see the beauty in music and art.


Latin is taught in K through 6th grades. As a foundational and ecclesiastial language, Latin allows students to build their skills in memorization, pattern recognition, and preparation for future studies in other languages, as well as improving their English skills and knowledge.

Learning Enrichment

Lower School classroom learning is enhanced by field trips, class projects, and special celebration days. Approximately three trips per year per grade are designed to reinforce the learning in the classroom with intentional opportunities outside the classroom focused on science, art and history.

Highlights include:

  • Trip to Mackinaw Island to share Michigan history (grades K-2).
  • An annual two-day trip to Winter Camp at Howell Recreation Camp (grades 5-6).
  • Lower School students also attend theater productions and other fine arts performances as well as visit museums for historical enrichment opportunities. 

In seventh grade, students move on to the Upper School to continue to progress in their pursuit of a classical, Christian education.  

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