A system of student government, the house system, is a long-standing tradition that originated in England and is widely used in British schools. Schools are divided into houses and each student is allocated to a house beginning in 8th grade and remains in that house until graduation.

The house system creates:

  • a level of friendly competition and camaraderie
  • fosters identity, a sense of belonging and spiritual growth
  • promotes academic support and mentoring
  • encourages teamwork and community service
  • provides leadership opportunities

Houses help hold students accountable for behavior and engagement with each other. The system promotes a healthy student culture through intentional social interactions and planning three key events:

  • Homecoming 
  • Christmas party 
  • Convivium 

The house system also provides opportunities for students to build into each other. It creates sibling Big Brother/Big Sister relationships throughout the Upper School, providing direct mentoring relationships that pair older students with younger students. The system helps create a community in the campus life for Upper School students. In addition to service projects, activities also include games such as playing laser tag and euchre.

At Oakdale Academy, we have four houses: Churchill, Arc, Augustine, and Da Vinci. Each house has:

  • Its own unique colors
  • A logo
  • A Bible verse
  • A house motto
  • Officer positions including Prefect, Vice Prefect, Chaplain, and Ensign
  • Each house acts as a “vertical” family that links older and younger members of the Upper School to support one another and build community.

Participation in house activities results in points that culminate in the winning of the House Cup at the conclusion of the school year. Points are awarded for acts that promote community, academic excellence, responsibility, self-discipline, initiative, citizenship, teamwork and perseverance.


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