At Oakdale Academy, we are committed to partnering with you to prepare your children to live their lives as disciples of Christ and teach them how to walk the path with courage, integrity, and wisdom.

Applications are open for the 2024-2025 School Year!
  • We have a wait pool for Grade 1 (2024-25)
As an independent, private Junior Kindergarten-12th grade classical and Christian school, we offer an extraordinary educational experience based on the model of Hillsdale Academy.

We strive daily to create an environment that fosters academic excellence, leadership development, and training for high moral character based on biblical principles.

Highlights of an Oakdale Academy education includes:

  • Junior Kindergarten through 12th grade students learn the value of working as members of the Body of Christ in a rigorous learning environment;
  • Our experienced and passionate teachers and staff help them learn how to think for themselves, defend our Christian Faith, and take personal accountability for their education and actions;
  • In addition to fostering relationships with teachers, we strive to create a culture that includes structured opportunities among the students at varying grade levels for leadership development;
  • Our instructional approach focuses on content-rich materials with an emphasis on the Great Books of Western civilization in literature, a hands-on approach in science and an advanced track in mathematics;
  • We guide students in the development of their character and academic potential through carefully designed content-rich educational programs and extracurricular activities.

Please note students in grades 5-12 should be able to write in cursive.  We suggest Zaner-Bloser as a starting point or review.

For students in JK-Grade 2, we focus on phonics instruction.


At Oakdale Academy, the following considerations are taken into account for all students and families seeking admission:
  • Spiritual Considerations:
    • At least on parent and the student (if in grade 7 or above) must demonstrate and verbalize a personal commitment to Jesus Christ.
    • Parents and student(s) must affirm Oakdale Academy’s philosophy of education and its Christian nature.
    • Parents and students are called to support the administration, faculty, and staff in carrying out the goals and programs of Oakdale Academy.
  • Behavioral Considerations:
    • Applicants must have a history of acceptable citizenship in their previous school experience(s).
    • Parents and students are expected to abide by the behavior standards and policies established by Oakdale Academy.
  • Academic Considerations:
    • Uploaded report cards & standardized test scores should demonstrate level of proficiency in previous school experience.
    • Acceptable scores on entrance testing.
Those families interested in applying to Oakdale Academy should follow these steps:

New Application Fee: $50 each for the first two applications; additional applications are $22 each.

Enrollment fee & Tuition Deposit: $300 per student or $900 family maximum, payable at enrollment. A $400 non refundable tuition deposit per family is also due at the time of enrollment and will be applied toward the total tuition balance.

An Activity Fee for each student will be assessed and added to the tuition total.  This fee covers the cost of some of our elective offerings, field trips, and additional classroom costs throughout the school year.

  • Grammar School (all):  $150
  • Logic School:  $215
  • Rhetoric School:  $225

All incoming students complete a placement assessment prior to admission to asses academic suitability as well as proper grade placement.

Both parents must attend the admissions interview. During the interview, we will discuss the placement assessment, professional and educational background of the parents, educational goals of the family, church involvement, our student culture, and expectations. Please feel free to ask questions as well.

New families will receive a letter of acceptance or declination promptly after the completion of the admissions process.

Recommendations for grade placement at Oakdale Academy are based on three main factors: the placement assessment, the student’s birthdate, and the student’s educational career as a whole. The most recent grade completed at a different academic institution is taken into account, but does not necessarily guarantee advancement in grade level when entering Oakdale Academy. We have consistently found that students who are more mature and developmentally advanced are more successful in Oakdale Academy’s rigorous curriculum and advanced track in math. Therefore, our birthdate guidelines per grade are as follows:

Try our grade calculator:

At Oakdale, we strive to make classical and Christian education accessible to every family who desires it. For qualified families that are challenged by the cost of tuition, we offer tuition assistance and scholarship opportunities. Please contact us to learn more.

At enrollment, you will choose your payment plan (1, 11, or 12 installments) and pay a tuition deposit and enrollment fee. Starting in February, you will receive an email when the charges and fees are added to your account. The amount may change based on FA.

2024-25 Tuition



JK 3 day


JK 5 day




Grades 1-4


Grades 5-8 (Logic School)


Grades 9-12 (Rhetoric School)


Families may qualify for tuition assistance based on annual family income or number of children enrolled at the school. We strive to keep tuition at or in many cases below competitive levels by using fundraising to supplement operating costs. 

Tuition Scholarships

Oakdale Academy has a limited amount of need-based tuition assistance available; nearly 40% of our families receive some sort of financial aid. Our desire is to offer a classical and Christian education to all qualified applicants, without regard to family income. Accordingly, we have allocated funds for this purpose. Returning families and new applicants may apply for financial aid. New family financial aid applications are evaluated on a rolling basis.

Oakdale Academy uses a nationally recognized service, FACTS, to process financial aid applications. FACTS applies standardized criteria to determine to what extent each family needs assistance to pay for one year’s tuition. Oakdale Academy’s financial aid committee uses information from the FACTS process to allocate the amount of financial aid available.

All submittedinformation is confidential.

Multi-Student Discount (for full-time students only)

  • There is a  5% tuition discount for the second and third child enrolled (within the same household); tuition for the fourth child tuition and beyond is fixed at $2,200.  

Full-time Ministry Tuition Discount

Area pastors who earn their living as a full-time pastor (sole income) in a local church or ministry will receive a 50% discount for each child enrolled at Oakdale Academy.

Families that are eligible to receive the pastoral discount may apply for additional financial aid.

We are thankful for our faithful area pastors. Your ministry of consistently preaching God’s Word is greatly appreciated. Furthermore, your show of support of Christian education by enrolling your children at Oakdale Academy is an encouragement and testimony to others. May you find this tuition discount to be a token of our appreciation to you for partnering with us in the challenge of educating our students in accordance with Biblical principles. A signed discount agreement form will need to be renewed annually and must accompany your child’s application or re-enrollment forms. This discount applies only to tuition. All other fees and expenses are to be paid in full.

Fees & Tuition Deposit

New Application Fee: $50 each for the first two applications; additional applications are $22 each.

Registration Fee & Tuition Deposit: $300 (non refundable) per student or $900 family maximum (non-refundable), payable at enrollment. A $200 per student deposit (non refundable)  is required ($400 family maximum) and applied toward the total tuition balance.

Early Payment Discount

New families that wish to pay their tuition in full will receive a 5% discount for payment received within two weeks of acceptance to Oakdale Academy.


Contact us
  • 3200 Beacham Drive, Waterford, MI 48329