Admission to Oakdale Academy is open to all students in grades Junior Kindergarten-12.

There are five steps from application to enrollment. All steps must be completed before a student may start attending classes.

  • Application
  • Placement Assessment
  • Interview
  • Enrollment
  • Tuition Agreement

Please contact us to answer your questions and learn more.


The application for admissions and financial aid is available online through FACTS. After the application is submitted and reviewed, you will be contacted to set up a time for a placement assessment. You can apply for Financial Assistance HERE at any time during the process; it's helpful if your materials are already submitted by the time we are able to accept your child to Oakdale.


Fees & Tuition Deposit

New Application Fee: $50 per student or $100 family maximum.

A non-refundable Enrollment Fee of $300 per student ($900 family maximum) and $400 Tuition Deposit (per family) is required. The Tuition Deposit will be applied toward your family's total tuition amount.

Placement Assessment

All incoming students complete a placement assessment. The assessment consists of three parts: math, reading, and writing. Incoming Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten students complete a Gesell school readiness and developmental assessment.


Parents must attend the admissions interview. During the interview, we will discuss the placement assessment, professional and educational background of the parents, educational goals of the family, church involvement, our student culture, and expectations. Please feel free to ask questions as well.

Prior to the admissions interview, parents must view videos from the school at this link and be prepared to discuss.   Parents will need to setup a free account with Thinkific to view these videos.  As we continue to seek missionally aligned families, this is a crucial step.


New families willbe notified of their acceptance (or denial of admission) promptly after the completion of the admissions process.

Grade Placement at Oakdale Academy for 2023-2024

Recommendations for grade placement at Oakdale Academy are based on three main factors: the placement assessment, the student’s birthdate, and the student’s educational career as a whole. The most recent grade completed at a different academic institution is taken into account, but does not necessarily guarantee advancement in grade level when entering Oakdale Academy. We have consistently found that students who are more mature and developmentally advanced are more successful in Oakdale Academy’s rigorous curriculum and advanced track in math. Therefore, our birthdate guidelines per grade are as follows:

Try our grade calculator:

Entering grade

Must be…


Jr. Kindergarten

4 years old

August 1, 2023


5 years old

August 1, 2023


6 years old

August 1, 2023


7 years old

August 1, 2023


8 years old

August 1, 2023


9 years old

August 1, 2023


10 years old

August 1, 2023


11 years old

August 1, 2023


12 years old

August 1, 2023


13 years old

August 1, 2023


14 years old

August 1, 2023


15 years old

August 1, 2023


16 years old

August 1, 2023


17 years old

August 1, 2023


After Acceptance

Once your family is enrolled at Oakdale Academy, we encourage you to join in our events and get to know our teachers, faculty and student families.  


 Once a student is accepted enrollment must be completed in order to secure your child's seat in their grade.  A non-refundable tuition deposit and enrollment fee is due at that time.

Tuition Agreement

Finally, the tuition agreement is created with any multi-student discounts, scholarships, and financial aid factored in. Tuition can be paid in full or on a monthly basis; if you desire to pay your tuition in one lump sum, there is a 5% discount for that option if completed by a specific date. 

Withdrawal Policy

If a student withdraws, tuition is due for the entire month of withdrawal, at the discretion of the Headmaster.


Contact us
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